Accept payments in cryptocurrencies
New service Get - sign will help cryptocurrencies and tokens to solve a number of problems as sociated with the use of cryptocurrency and will help to attract new customers

Ease of use - one of the parameters affectingthe frequency of use of the service
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some issues which get-sign can help with
for 3rd partiesies

Current technologies make life easier for sellers, but not for users. When purchasing, the current solutions show the user the address to which to transfer funds.
We have tried to simplify the user's way to the purchase of your products with cryptocurrency as much as possible.
The user has to do too many actions
Each additional action is a chance that the buyer will refuse to purchase.
Modern solutions can narrow the range of users for technical reasons
Our solution allows you to pay for your products from almost all devices, while solutions similar to us do not.
At this stage of development there are some restrictions in the choice of payment currency
We support two blockchains and all tokens written on them, which maximally increases the solvency of cryptocurrency users on your site.
Ready to work!
A ready-to-use solution for invoicing/accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, as easy as PayPal, users will pay for purchases in 3 clicks. The possibility of usage for billing purposes on the SaaS model
  • The user keeps his private key on device
  • We do not access the user's device
  • We do not interfere with your transactions
You can not worry, our decision minimally interferes with the process of making a purchase.
Potentially beneficial relationships
Our product can attract new users due to the lack of a good payment solution from competitors.
Integration with our service is simple and flexible
  • To integrate our service, we have prepared an SDK for the most popular programming languages
  • We can offer unique currency support (if we have not yet connected currency A, we canadd it specifically for your service)
We have prepared Plug and play solutions to help your business start accepting convenient payments in cryptocurrency as quickly as possible.
Flexible Commission system
  • The Commission is only 0.001%
  • Our platform takes a percentage Commission, so the Commission from zero transactions will not cost anything
  • The service chooses which partiesy pays the usage fee
Our solution takes a minimum commission for use. For example, transfers to PayPal cost 2.9%


User will know than you service isconvenient
Ease of use stimulates the frequency of shopping.
We do not store user keys
The user stores his private key on his device and can use it for payment at any time.
Massive currency support
We support the maximum number of currencies and tokens. It is important for us to support the work with all the popular solutions on the modern market.
Online-payments user-flow

total actions with

Web cold
Actions: 17
Time: 70 sec
  1. Chose a product
  2. Click to pay with cryptocurrency
  3. Enter to wallet site
  4. Find your private key in the file system
  5. Copy private key
  6. Go to the wallet site
  7. Paste private key in field at wallet site
  8. Confirm login
  9. Choose transfer function
  10. Go to the online-store website
  11. Copy public key to which you need to transfer payment
  12. Go to the wallet site
  13. Paste publik key into the transfer form
  14. Enter the required amount
  15. Check transfer details
  16. Confirm transaction
  17. Done
mobile \ desktop
Actions: 13
Time: 40 sec
  1. Chose a product
  2. Click to pay with cryptocurrency
  3. Launch mobile/desktop wallet
  4. Pass the security
  5. Choose transfer function
  6. Go th the online-sotre website
  7. Copy the public key to which you need to transfer payment
  8. Go to the mobile/desktop wallet window
  9. Paste public key into the transfer form
  10. Enter the required amount
  11. Check transfer details
  12. Confirm transaction
  13. Done
Actions: 6
Time: 7 sec
  1. Chose a product
  2. Click to pay with cryptocurrency
  3. Chose payment with Get-sign
  4. Check transfer details
  5. Enter pin-code
  6. Done

More browsers - more opportunities to pay online

Our application can be run with 86% of browsers compared to 36% for similar solutions.
  • Edge
  • Mozila Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera 10
  • IOS Safari
  • Android Browser
  • Opera Mobile
  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox for Android
  • UC Browser
  • Samsung Internet
  • QQ Browser
  • Baidu Browser
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